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Lick Me or Lick Me Not

 WHO LIKES ORAL SEX? Then why is it such a taboo thing to say that you do it?  Why should you have to feel bad about giving or receiving oral sex? We are all grown aren't we..I think that its a shame that some men/women still claim that they don't do it. Some people feel embarrassed or the they feel shame about giving oral sex. I think that oral sex is just apart of four play. It's just an appetizer to the main meal. Is it a deal breaker if your lover doesn't go down? Or Is it an even more of a deal breaker if he doesn't do it right? It's a major part in getting the juices flowing when you are about get it in..I mean what women doesn't love to have that done ESPECIALLY if they do it right. I am definitely an aficionado of oral sex don't get me wrong but to feel that warm tongue ...OMG...let me stop! I just don't like when guys tell you that they don't do it! REALLY? They tell you some bullshit like.."I am saving that for my wife" t


WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER  Anyone who knows me knows that I love YOUTUBE...So today I came across this series called The Couple and there was an episode about a couple who just got engaged. The woman stated that since they were getting married now she wanted to be open and honest. So they decided to write down on a piece of paper their number of partners and exchange it. It was hilarious because her number was way higher than his. I was really cracking up at this episode. It got me thinking..Should you tell your significant other how people you slept with? My opinion is this..I really think that what's in the past..should stay in the past. To be honest I don't want to know how many girls you have slept with in the past. It's not relevant to me and it not important. All I really want to know that you are healthy and disease free. It all plays in that double standard when it comes to men and women. If a women has a double-digit or even a triple-digit number she is look as