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Ladies have you ever had sex with a guy and it wasn't good at all. I have had a real vivid experience with this issue. This guy I was seeing was really handsome and he was fine as hell. He kinda looked like Reggie Bush with a similar body type but he was a taller version. Our conversation was good and we had a lot in common so I was really interested in him or shall I say I was very attracted to him. His sex game wasn't all that it last about....ummmm 10 minutes...SMDH..Then he had the nerve to want to cuddle afterwards...Really Dude!! So I got to thinking about 5 signs that let guys know that THEY DON'T HAVE THAT GOOD!!!!! 5. She didn't make any noise, love faces, or she didn't even move!!       The bitch played dead!!!! 4.  The sex didn't last long!         You really wanted first place!!!!. 3.   She can actually can get up and walk normally afterwards!!!            You had no impact at all!!!!        2. She wants you to cum as quickly as possi