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Keep It A Hunitt!!!

I thought the older I got I wouldn't have to deal with dishonesty. I thought that men my age or older would be the type that's not into lying and game playing. Boy was I wrong! I have been encountering some guys straight serving that fertilizer! I know that it's the guys that I am attracted too or that are attracted to me. I am not saying that all men that are around my age group are bullshitters. I thought that by a certain age the game playing would end. I am just so tired of going thru the same things I went thru in high school. It gets old after a while and it comes to a point where you know when someone is running game or if they are truly genuine.  I just hate a liar with a passion. I hate being lied to and it's the worst feeling in the world. My thing is why not be honest upfront and let me know what I am getting into. The most disrespectful thing is when you don't keep your word. Don't tell me you are gonna do something and then don't pull thru. It