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Healing A Broken Heart

Having a broken heart is the worst feeling in the world. It affects you psychologically, physically, and emotionally.  I never had a kid before but I believe that heartbreak is worst than giving birth. I mean think about only last for hours and then you are happy at the end because you have a person who loves you unconditionally. Heartbreak should be right next to a getting burned with fire. It's this pain that's deep down in your soul and it kicks your heart over and over again. I hate that feeling especially when you know you were there for that person in ways you haven't for others. It makes you think of all the cruel and mean things you can do to them for hurting you. Trust I have had that feeling where you want to go to his momma house and slap the shit out of her for not swallowing...Sorry I Had A Flashback!!! LOL.. I know it hurts very bad but you have to get over it. That is easier said than done because it can take months to years to get over someone t

Be That Bitch!!!

When I was younger I had a much slender body type but I was always had a nice womanly shape. As I look back on my life when I really was conscience of my body I always thought I was big. Clearly I wasn't at all when I look at the pics. I always had an issue with my body whether it was my skin color or how big my calves were. There always was an issue that I had with myself. That trickled down in my dating life when I was younger because I would automatically think a guy wouldn't like me..because A. I'm not skinny..B. I'm dark skinned! Those where the factors that affected me really heavily. I know it was petty!! I would ask guys that I have dated and were no longer dating questions. What about me you didn't like or What about me turned you off? The answered I received was that I had a lack of confidence about myself. That hurt because I knew it was true! I hated the way I looked because I wasn't the girl in the video or the girl all the guys were drooling ov

Empty Side Of The Bed

When I first realized that he(My Ex) wasn't coming back it was the hardest thing to get over because I was sleeping in the same bed with him for two years. I would  wake up in the middle of the night and hung my pillow because I missed him next to me. I would be good in public and at work but at night I would wake up, hold my pillows and cry. It was very hard for me I must admit and I put on this front like I was ok but that empty side of the bed was killing me. I have really vivid dreams and nightmares so when I would have those bad dreams I would wake up and snuggle next to him. I would feel so much better because I felt a since of protection. When I would have those bad dreams I would wake up and no one would be there and I didn't feel safe. I'm kinda of a scary So I started to buy lots of pillows for the bed because it made me feel like I was protected..I psyched myself up!! It actually worked...but the moral of this story is that I realized that it is ok

You Never Got On!! But You With A White Girl!

After having a facebook outburst about black men saying that they only date white women I decided to talk about this epidemic! This really had me on fire yesterday because of the reasons they don't want to date us black women. I feel like black men want to be treated like kings when in reality some of them are jesters. I am not saying that all black men are like this just the ones I have encountered are whom I'm talking about.  I really don't care what your preference is or who you chose to date because you can't help what you are attracted to. What I am disagreeing with is your justification for not dating black women. This really makes me angry because they are so many beautiful and intelligent  black women that are seeking a healthy relationship. So I am going to give you the top three things that black man say that causes them to put on there snow boots lol.   1. Black Women Are Angry and Bitter! I definitely disagree with this! Not all black women are an

Chief Keefin!!!

This is post is about things I don't like when it comes to relationships, sex, and/or general things I have come across. Since everyone on youtube are making videos about it and I don't have a youtube channel that's has videos. I thought I would express myself here!! First thing I don't like is when you first meet a guy and you give him your number. He calls and you have a wonderful conversation and then he tells you that he wants to spend sometime with you. So you are like ok cool what do you want to do? Then he suggest well we can CHILL AT YOUR HOUSE!!! That boils my blood to the 1000th degree. That's that shit I don't like!!! Second thing I don't like is when black guys talk about the reason why they prefer a white woman over a black woman! They say that a black woman has a attitude! That is the dumbest shit I ever heard..excuse the Dutch...They say we nag and we fuss to much! I have come across white women who do the exact same thing. NIGGA...if you

Will Work For Batteries!

I remember my first toy I purchased was when I was 20. It was right after Katrina and I had visited my best friend "T". She was in Austin, Tx and we were drinking and listening to music and she suggested that we go to the sex store. I had never been to one before and I was like I don't know about this "T". We went to Dreamers and it was this really big place they had a bunch of things to choose from. At the time I wanted something that looked like a real penis. I ran across this vibrator that was blue and that you can use it under water. I was like ok Imma get this. I tried it and I didn't like it. It wasn't until I bought a very expensive toy from Hustler's in the French Quarter. I payed 120 dollars for this toy! I was so excited to go home and try it. When I used it, it was so intense that I thought I had peed on from then on  I was hooked on toys! I like to try different types of toys from bullets to lipsticks. I have about 5 to chos

Fake It So Good!!!

Let's face it ladies, we all have faked a couple of orgasms here and there. I know I have and it was because I didn't want to hurt the guy feelings or I wanted him to leave. I don't speak my mind during sex I just let him believe that it's great. The funny thing is that I would ask him what he wants. Weird right? Going thru the whole ordeal of faking requires some awesome acting skills as I would say so myself. The loud moan, the clutching of the sheets, and I even have the leg shake down path. LOL..  I was having a conversation with one of my guy friends one night and he was shocked when I told him that I had faked orgasms before. He asked me " Why didn't I just tell the guy he wasn't doing it right?" and I didn't have an answer. He made a very valid point! That's when I realized that by faking orgasm I make it worst for myself  the next time because he will continue to the same thing thinking that I liked it. I realized that faking orgasms

Keep It A Hunitt!!!

I thought the older I got I wouldn't have to deal with dishonesty. I thought that men my age or older would be the type that's not into lying and game playing. Boy was I wrong! I have been encountering some guys straight serving that fertilizer! I know that it's the guys that I am attracted too or that are attracted to me. I am not saying that all men that are around my age group are bullshitters. I thought that by a certain age the game playing would end. I am just so tired of going thru the same things I went thru in high school. It gets old after a while and it comes to a point where you know when someone is running game or if they are truly genuine.  I just hate a liar with a passion. I hate being lied to and it's the worst feeling in the world. My thing is why not be honest upfront and let me know what I am getting into. The most disrespectful thing is when you don't keep your word. Don't tell me you are gonna do something and then don't pull thru. It

Blow His Whistle......

My first time trying it was horrible because didn't know what the hell I was doing. I was scared ,nervous, and grossed out at the same time. I was like really you want to do WHAT?? He was like " Bae come on just try it and you might like it!" I held it in my hand played around with it for a minute. I kept looking at it and I didn't want to do it..and he was like " What's wrong Bae?" and I was like " I don't know about this" and he said " Just do it for me Please!" So I tried it and that was the worst head he ever had...I mean I didn't know what I was doing...I think I may have grazed him with my I do remember hearing an "Ouch" lol...So that why I decided to talk about what men like when you give them head....I did ask a few of my male friends what they love about oral sex.... TOP FIVE THINGS YOU NEED IN ORDER TO BE SUCCESSFUL..LOL........ 5. YOU HAVE TO DO IT WITH PASSION!     If you don't


Ladies have you ever had sex with a guy and it wasn't good at all. I have had a real vivid experience with this issue. This guy I was seeing was really handsome and he was fine as hell. He kinda looked like Reggie Bush with a similar body type but he was a taller version. Our conversation was good and we had a lot in common so I was really interested in him or shall I say I was very attracted to him. His sex game wasn't all that it last about....ummmm 10 minutes...SMDH..Then he had the nerve to want to cuddle afterwards...Really Dude!! So I got to thinking about 5 signs that let guys know that THEY DON'T HAVE THAT GOOD!!!!! 5. She didn't make any noise, love faces, or she didn't even move!!       The bitch played dead!!!! 4.  The sex didn't last long!         You really wanted first place!!!!. 3.   She can actually can get up and walk normally afterwards!!!            You had no impact at all!!!!        2. She wants you to cum as quickly as possi

How Cute An EXTRA Belly Button...

How Cute? Ladies...Ladies...Ladies... Don't you hate it when a guy brags and boast about how he is so good in the bed......and  How he gonna put it down on you? Then he whips it out all proud like Mary......Ummm where's the rest of it. It's not the fact that it is small because it's not like you chose to have a small penis. It's the fact that you broadcast that you had that good when actually you had no idea! I am not saying that having a small penis is bad because being too big isn't good as well. For me at least  but I can't say the same for other women. I think that if you have a small have to bring other things to the table. I had a bad experience once where a guy had a small penis but it never went in! He couldn't reach it lol.. but I mean he saved himself by having a Plan O and that work out fine! But he bragged about how he was really had the Napoleon Complex! I think that it was the previous women that the

Lick Me or Lick Me Not

 WHO LIKES ORAL SEX? Then why is it such a taboo thing to say that you do it?  Why should you have to feel bad about giving or receiving oral sex? We are all grown aren't we..I think that its a shame that some men/women still claim that they don't do it. Some people feel embarrassed or the they feel shame about giving oral sex. I think that oral sex is just apart of four play. It's just an appetizer to the main meal. Is it a deal breaker if your lover doesn't go down? Or Is it an even more of a deal breaker if he doesn't do it right? It's a major part in getting the juices flowing when you are about get it in..I mean what women doesn't love to have that done ESPECIALLY if they do it right. I am definitely an aficionado of oral sex don't get me wrong but to feel that warm tongue ...OMG...let me stop! I just don't like when guys tell you that they don't do it! REALLY? They tell you some bullshit like.."I am saving that for my wife" t


WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER  Anyone who knows me knows that I love YOUTUBE...So today I came across this series called The Couple and there was an episode about a couple who just got engaged. The woman stated that since they were getting married now she wanted to be open and honest. So they decided to write down on a piece of paper their number of partners and exchange it. It was hilarious because her number was way higher than his. I was really cracking up at this episode. It got me thinking..Should you tell your significant other how people you slept with? My opinion is this..I really think that what's in the past..should stay in the past. To be honest I don't want to know how many girls you have slept with in the past. It's not relevant to me and it not important. All I really want to know that you are healthy and disease free. It all plays in that double standard when it comes to men and women. If a women has a double-digit or even a triple-digit number she is look as

Null and Void

A VOID ANCE OF YOU OWN ISSUES Have you ever been in a relationship so long that there was no emotional connection? Was it so bad that you checked out? Was it so bad that you actually started sleeping with a women just to fill a void? I wasn't aware of how many women there are that actually go through this ordeal. One of my friends ask me to write about it and tell how I feel about the situation.. It's kinda complicated for me to understand since I haven't had the need to or want to sleep with women just because I was not happy in a relationship with a man. Don't get me wrong.. I don't think it is a vice nor a taboo to be homosexual.  I have no issue or grievance about being  gay or being a lesbian. It's all love to me no matter want gender you are attracted to. However I know that feeling of that big void in your life is really heavy on your heart. It hurts like hell...I mean really really bad. I feel as if some women use this route as a way to escape

Sex On The First Date? Good idea or Bad Idea

Sex on the first date is sometimes considered to be taboo or it is frown upon. Some people label it as being a hoe or slut if you sleep with someone on the first date if you are a woman but yet when men admit that they had slept with someone on the first date it typically high fived, pat on the back and jumping for joy. You know the typical double standard which is always unfair but I These are my thoughts of pros and cons of sleeping with someone on the first date. You can agree or disagree but these are my opinions not facts. I think that having sex on the first date is acceptable because you probably have been talking to that person on the phone or texting them. So you already know if that person is someone that you will sleep with. From personal experiences I know when I meet a guy I know whether or not I would sleep with them. It is this attraction that I would feel when I meet a guy. That's just me but that doesn't determine whether or not I will sleep