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Single Again..Back on the Prowl! Not Again!

Sometimes I find myself asking myself " How did I get here again?" Single once again and it is not a good feeling especially this time of year. It's boo season and I hate when I see a couple together holding hands or walking side by side. That boils my blood because I feel as if everyone has that special person that they can share this time of year with. Being single is fun and exciting but when I turn the key and there is nobody home to greet me and kiss me that hurts. Of all the relationships that I had in the past I never felt as if I was number one in their life. I am nothing being second to anything or anyone.  I am tired of settling for less when I deserve more. I always give guys the benefit of the doubt like " Oh it's ok he doesn't have a car?" or " It's ok it he has 6 six kids... Biffy love the kids". I just tired of that and that's really for the pigeons, peacocks, turkeys...all the birds in the world. I not saying that I ca

I Shouldn't Have Cheated..But I Did Part 2

I had been talking to Dallyn for about a month now on the phone and off the phone. I would tell him what's on my mind and he would understand. I even told him  little things  like I hadn't went swimming in a long time and how I like to try different types of food you know, silly things like that. I was getting attention from him and I liked that alot. He was very chivalrous he would open the car door and pull my seat out. To be honest I thinking what's wrong with this dude he isn't normal but I liked being treated like a lady. He would take my out to dinner and he even took me on the Creole Queen boat  for dinner which I had never been on before. I was just in awe because of the attention..but in the back of my mind I was wishing it was Mark. Even though I was still with in a relationship with Mark.he didn't even notice I was gone as much because he didn't call as much. Dallyn asked me "Do you really have a boyfriend?" and I said "Yes" and He

I Shouldn't Have Cheated..But I Did

It was early in the morning and I really didn't feel like being at school this day. We had to be to school for 7:45 and I had to catch the bus to school. I was really tired that day because the night before I was studying for a calculus exam the night before. I was hanging out on the breezeway talking with Kiara and Corrine. My friend Armad was using his cell phone and he came up to me and was like "My cousin is on the phone and he wants to talk to you!" I'm like " Your cousin I don't know your cousin". Then Armad reached in his pocket..and  this dude HAD A PICTURE IN HIS HAND OF HIS COUSIN. I looked at the pic and I must admit he was really cute. He was in his army uniform and he was really buff. Armad handed me the phone and I said " Hello!" and then he said "  Hey Tiffany this is Mark  I know this is strange but I have a crush on you since your 8th grade graduation!". There I am in shock with the phone in my hand and I was in shock


I had been praying all day long because of I was really scared of the Y2K thing that was suppose to happened. I had told my grandmother that we needed water, food, and flashlights. She didn't believe the hype and she laughed at me. I really believed that this was going to happen, I was crying and everything.  I had went out and brought my own canned food and water when my grandmother saw what I had purchased she said laughingly " That water and food that you bought yeah... is not going to save you!" I was really upset with her because she didn't care if we died. So it's 11:50 and I have the tv channel on MTV because I figured it's going to happen to them first because they are a hour a head. So they are on tv partying it up not caring about the Y2K. Then the countdown begins and I am on my knees praying. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! I looked up and nothing happened to them they are still happy and partying. So my grandmother was right the wh

48 Minute Date!

Normally I don't go on blind dates because you never know what to expect when you see this person. My friend insisted that I should go out with this guy that's friends with her boyfriend. She and I have totally different taste in men and the only thing we have in common with men is that we like tall guys. She likes tall skinny guys with an athletic type of body and I am more into guys that are big and tall. So I really was hesitant to go on this date because of it. So I decided to let her give him my number. He called me on the next night and we had a great conversation and he had a really sexy voice. He told me that he was thirty one and he only had one kid. So I was okay with that it didn't bother me. He asked me out and I think it was a Wednesday that we decided to go out. So all day long on Wednesday he was texting me how he was excited to see me and everything. Which was cool because a girl loves flattery and he also ask me where I wanted to go.So we decided to go to