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Be That Bitch!!!

When I was younger I had a much slender body type but I was always had a nice womanly shape. As I look back on my life when I really was conscience of my body I always thought I was big. Clearly I wasn't at all when I look at the pics. I always had an issue with my body whether it was my skin color or how big my calves were. There always was an issue that I had with myself. That trickled down in my dating life when I was younger because I would automatically think a guy wouldn't like me..because A. I'm not skinny..B. I'm dark skinned! Those where the factors that affected me really heavily. I know it was petty!! I would ask guys that I have dated and were no longer dating questions. What about me you didn't like or What about me turned you off? The answered I received was that I had a lack of confidence about myself. That hurt because I knew it was true! I hated the way I looked because I wasn't the girl in the video or the girl all the guys were drooling ov