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Runaway Boyfriend

 Everyone has that one experience where you can't believe what your so-called significant other did. He or she did something that was so out of character that if left you going over every little detail that you can think of that could have been the problem. You realize that your literally drinking every night and this feeling has you sitting back thinking "Did this shit really just happen?". Well I would have to say that my experience felt like I was in a movie or a novel. Picture it...New Orleans so-called boyfriend ( well let's just call him DeeBitch Gibson) was planning a trip to visit his mom in Atlanta for two weeks. He was suppose to go there right after his thirtieth birthday which was July 25. I agreed because he had seen his mom in a year and plus I didn't have any more vacation time to go with him. So I would use this time to be by myself and just relax. His flight was for 10am and so we left early so that I could be at work on time..So I d