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Runaway Boyfriend

 Everyone has that one experience where you can't believe what your so-called significant other did. He or she did something that was so out of character that if left you going over every little detail that you can think of that could have been the problem. You realize that your literally drinking every night and this feeling has you sitting back thinking "Did this shit really just happen?". Well I would have to say that my experience felt like I was in a movie or a novel.

Picture it...New Orleans so-called boyfriend ( well let's just call him DeeBitch Gibson) was planning a trip to visit his mom in Atlanta for two weeks. He was suppose to go there right after his thirtieth birthday which was July 25. I agreed because he had seen his mom in a year and plus I didn't have any more vacation time to go with him. So I would use this time to be by myself and just relax. His flight was for 10am and so we left early so that I could be at work on time..So I dropped him off at the airport and as I was driving to work I was crying and thinking about how much I would miss him. Never thinking that would be the last time I see him. So as the days went on he would send me a message on Facebook because his phone was broken prior to him leaving so he had no phone.

 This was the first message he sent me 
July 31
DeeBitch Gibson
hey sweetie I hope you're having a great weekend. I miss you so much . I had a interesting day at the airport on friday. I thought it would be a non stop flight but I ended up in kansas city for like 3 hours. It was crazy and I met some really interest people around the airport. As soon as I touched down in atlanta I called my producer friend and he said that he had a important business trip to miami with some record executive and practically begged me to go so I said yes so that is were I am now. Wow this place is amazing. I see why people come here to record. It puts you in a whole different mind frame. But anyway I don't want to go on and on about what I'm doing. How have you been? I see you and your sisters are at you grandma's house. I love you and will talk to you soon.
This was that last full message I would get from him. He didn't respond to any of my message until the 18th and I had message him
Tiffany Michelle
When are you coming home?
If you are not coming back I would like to know that would be common courtesy if you would tell me instead not responding to my messages that I KNOW you getting... 
 He replied
DeeBitch Gibson
I never said I wasn't coming back. Just really busy

After that last message I broke up with him because how in the hell you are going to tell me that you are too  busy for me! So after I broke up with him I notice that I couldn't find his page any more and I thought that he had deactivated his account but as I found out his page was still up and that he had blocked me fully from his account. After I had figured that I out I just let it go. Then I got a hand written letter in the mail from his mom asking was he okay because she hadn't heard FROM HIM SINCE HIS BIRTHDAY!!!!!!. I was kinda confused because he said that he had touched in Atlanta in the first message. In the letter she stated that she hoped everything was okay and just wanted to make sure he was ok.I found her on facebook and told her what had happened. I had gave her my new cell phone number and we talked. The talk I had with her was kinda sad because she hadn't talk to him either. When I tell you I was so pissed because I realized this dude had no intentions on going home. I get a call from by bank asking if I was Kansas City. I was like no I have never been to Kansas City. He had taken money out of my account in Kansas City. He had stolen my card before he left. So was in Kansas City the whole time. When I found out this on it was suppose to be our 2 year anniversary on August 28 2011. So a whole month of  no communication already. I was so hurt that I hid the pain with laughter and jokes. I tried to make fun of the situation. I told my family and friends that we were no longer together and that I was happy it happened. I was lying and full of bullshit I was so hurt that I would cry myself to sleep at night. As the time went I was okay with it and I was thinking back thinking about the way I felt when I was with him.How I wasn't myself when I was with him. I didn't want to talk to friends or hang out. I didn't go shopping and buy clothes for myself. I had lost my identity as a woman in this relationship. So in the end I was really blessed to be set from bondage that I thought was love.  So now I'm going out more with my friends and hanging out more with my family. This actually set the tone for me to start dating again and having fun again plus now I have some very funny dating stories to add to my red lip confessions.


  1. Omg yes tiff and we love you so much :-) and don't regret your past just see it as a small stepping stone for life big adventures

  2. This is something out of the movie or novel and it hurts more in reality. Sometimes the bad seeds has to come through so that we can get ready for the fruit of the tree. As long as u got your friends to help you along the way you will always be fine.


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