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You Never Got On!! But You With A White Girl!

After having a facebook outburst about black men saying that they only date white women I decided to talk about this epidemic! This really had me on fire yesterday because of the reasons they don't want to date us black women. I feel like black men want to be treated like kings when in reality some of them are jesters. I am not saying that all black men are like this just the ones I have encountered are whom I'm talking about. 

I really don't care what your preference is or who you chose to date because you can't help what you are attracted to. What I am disagreeing with is your justification for not dating black women. This really makes me angry because they are so many beautiful and intelligent  black women that are seeking a healthy relationship. So I am going to give you the top three things that black man say that causes them to put on there snow boots lol.

1. Black Women Are Angry and Bitter!
I definitely disagree with this! Not all black women are angry and bitter it's just the broads that you are choosing to deal with! You chose that crazy woman and you can't blame all of us for your choice in twat!!! I have never taken my anger out on a guy who didn't do me wrong! That's not cool and not fair!

2. Black Women Have Attitudes!
Ok. Everyone has a bad day and don't want to put up with shit that you may have! Sometimes a black woman has so many things to deal with on a daily basis that we have to put up a barrier to protect ourselves..not just black women do this!! This aint just a Sistah Thing!!

3. Black Women Don't Do That Cater To Shit!

We do cater to our men but you have to earn it. This is something that is done to show appreciation not something that is just given because you have the I personally think that the cater to attitude is great but I'm not giving you a treat when you haven't done anything to earn it!!

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  1. I get flack for not being exclusive to only black women. I'm open to whoever makes me happy or wants to date me. With that said...

    I think many sista's who feel like you really simplify men. We are simple creatures but not that simple. I'm on social networking websites, groups and different pages within those sites, so it's not only women I've's women I see on a daily basis.

    Similarly, don't be naive enough to say sista's aren't different when it comes to dating. I hear a lot of black women see a white kid acting up and say "white people don't discipline their kids" or won't eat food from a white person saying, "They don't season their food", yet will say that black women and white women are no different when it comes to dating???? That's inconsistent. Just my thought

    ~ @Da_Real_CJ

    1. First of all there isn't any place in this post that says white women and black women are the same...Are you guilty of the such thing I talk about!

  2. Totally agree with everything that has been said by you!

  3. I agree, Biffy! I've found men who have stated they don't date black women are insecure, angry men who have had their heart broken and don't really know how to love. They have chosen women on looks and not substance. I know countless of black women who are not angry or bitter. Hopefully, they young minded guy who made the comment will learn sooner than later that all woman have the ability to break his heart - not just black women. Tell the young man to grow up and live a little.

  4. @Da_Real_CJ please tell us the difference between black women and white women when it comes to dating..

  5. This was real good. At the end of the day; we have too many brothers that are entitled. They feel women should be at their "BECK-ing call". I hope this mindset changes real soon. I'm a brother and I refuse to date women of other races. I love my sistas. Especially the ones with short hair and make a fire red bean plate.

  6. I see Da_Real_CJ can't come up with anymore Tom Foolery!! If it is that fact that "too many BLACK woman" have broke your heart, you need to look inside of you and ask what do I have that these women see inside of me. That cause me to attract a certain type of woman. OH YEA GROW SOME BALLS!!

  7. I feel black women have some type of double standard when it comes to the other sex explaining their view of them. Black women can talk about black men and it's considered the gospel but if I black man in turn talks about a black woman, he's insecure, angry & heart broken, he's not looking for substance, he's not a man he needs to grow up, or he's lacking his testicles.

    At the end of the day, face it, every black man is not looking for a black women whatever his reason may be! And he has the right to formulate his own opinion based on his experiences. And the right to decide rather he wants to date black, white, red, yellow, or what ever! Even if you may not like it.

    I can't tell you how many times I've heard black women talking about I can't find a good man, all men are dogs, I only date tall men, I only like athletic types, he gotta be a baller, or I like the thug type. Well that guy who only dates a particular type of woman probably experience or witnessed a scenario as such or similar to it and figured that he'd could do better else where. If so then that's his choice and who are you to say its wrong? Even more so, from the comments taking personal shots at people, u basically prove he was correct in not wanting someone of your likeness.


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