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The First 15....

Janee' was set up on a date with a mutual friend of ours on a blind date. She asked me if he was cute and what the dimensions were....Lol..I told her that she would find out when she sees him for the first time. I choose not to show her any pics because I wanted it to be a real blind date! Janee' was very nervous so I told her that I would be in Barnes & Noble that was just down the street from the restaurant. To make a long story short...Janee' came back to Barnes & Noble and she said that he was very handsome and he had really good conversation...then she said the "He CAN GET IT!!"...LOL

Being a woman myself I know if I meet a new guy I can tell within the first 15 minutes if I like him...If I would go the next date and if I would sleep with him. Mind you the first 5 minutes are physical and the other 10 is his introduction!!  It all about chemistry and vibes for me..but that being said even if I felt that way before he started talking that could change after he starts to talk. He can say something that would completely turn me off from him. Ignorance is one of the major turn offs among other things. The main thing is talking about sex immediately!! Why would you start talking about sex when you don't even know my real name? That one thing I can't stand!! Fellas stop putting your dick on the table as an offering....Is that all you have to offer is a nut?? That's what I'm thinking when that happens...but I First impressions are very important because it sets the foundation!

Fellas you can be fine as hell and so sexy but if stupid things come out of your mouth that totally ACCESS DENIED!! I don't think it's the same way with women because you probably would still want to hit the sheets! That's another post!!!

Let me know what you think!!! Comment.....Share!!!!


  1. Wow! i agree i size up women in the same manner, but ignorance and just plain ole stupid words burns my coffee pot. If her words flow smoothly and with appealing aura then my mental is smiling and my interest just sky rocket into bliss. I tend to smile when I read he can get it, simply cause I said that a time or two lol.. only special beings though.

  2. I say this all the time....I can't talk to someone if I am not interested.


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