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How Cute An EXTRA Belly Button...

How Cute?
Don't you hate it when a guy brags and boast about how he is so good in the bed......and  How he gonna put it down on you? Then he whips it out all proud like Mary......Ummm where's the rest of it. It's not the fact that it is small because it's not like you chose to have a small penis. It's the fact that you broadcast that you had that good when actually you had no idea!

I am not saying that having a small penis is bad because being too big isn't good as well. For me at least  but I can't say the same for other women. I think that if you have a small have to bring other things to the table. I had a bad experience once where a guy had a small penis but it never went in! He couldn't reach it lol.. but I mean he saved himself by having a Plan O and that work out fine! But he bragged about how he was really had the Napoleon Complex!

I think that it was the previous women that these guys have been with that gave them this confidence. We have to stop doing that. Stop giving these guys kudos and making them feel like they have the best sex or the biggest penis when they really don't. I know that can be  hard to do that because of that FRAGILE MALE EGO! We have to do this! Because they would definitely tell us..we ain't all that...

My POINT is this don't brag and boast about how big your penis is..truth is that's FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! YOU CAN GET SUED!

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  1. ok so, sometimes you have to lay it on him gently. "Sweetheart,I'm not interested in hearing how big your penis is.... just yet. If you were really that big, you would let it broadcast itself." Secondly, men who know they have small wi-wi's usually know how to bring the big-o. But there are some who don't "dive" for the "expensive" "conch" "delicacy." Those are the ones we should be boycotting.

  2. Hahaha I had a encounter with a young man who was older than me and took advantage of that but anyways his Lil thang was smaller than a regular size tampon. I mean WTF was I supposed to do with that. I mean Tiffany it was tiny. Then had the nerve to go all over town and his school saying we did it and I sucked his thang!!! Nah you know!!! Lol!!! Let's just say he told the wrong person that lie and he got his ass whipped at a ball!!! Lol!!! I can't even look that dude in his face!!! Lol!!! One of the worst experiences of my life and he thought he was working with something!!!! SMDH!!!

  3. What about all you bitches that have HUGE vags??? Yall ALWAYS wanna talk about how small a nigga is but yall shit be bigger than the Holland Tunnel. Stfu and suck somethin, that's all a nigga want anyways. Personally, I don't have this problem, fees always tap out, by the way I'm WHITE

    1. This issue wasn't about him being small..the issue at hand is that men brag that they have a big penis when they don't...So yeah you can say that women have big vaginas but that's just the hoes you mess with that make you feel small but you say haven't experienced this personally so what is your point then if you only speaking from what you heard...explain that story maybe we can explore that topic as well...

    2. Wow you taking that hard that shoe must fit.

  4. Tiffany Michelle was size you consider small wat'big in your book or should i your puss


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