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Chief Keefin!!!

This is post is about things I don't like when it comes to relationships, sex, and/or general things I have come across. Since everyone on youtube are making videos about it and I don't have a youtube channel that's has videos. I thought I would express myself here!!

First thing I don't like is when you first meet a guy and you give him your number. He calls and you have a wonderful conversation and then he tells you that he wants to spend sometime with you. So you are like ok cool what do you want to do? Then he suggest well we can CHILL AT YOUR HOUSE!!! That boils my blood to the 1000th degree. That's that shit I don't like!!!

Second thing I don't like is when black guys talk about the reason why they prefer a white woman over a black woman! They say that a black woman has a attitude! That is the dumbest shit I ever heard..excuse the Dutch...They say we nag and we fuss to much! I have come across white women who do the exact same thing. NIGGA...if you do what you are suppose to do when I ask you...then there would be no nagging...It's a two way street bro...That's that shit I don't like

Third thing I don't like is when people ask me about my natural hair and they are like "So you gonna get a perm when it get's long? I HATE THAT!!! Why would I spend some much time on my hair nurturing it, being gentle with it, and being patient with the length process? Why would I mess it up with a dam perm? No offense to my relaxed friends that's your hair but don't try to convert me back!! In addition to that I hate when the Natural Hair Nazi tell a woman she's not natural because she brushed her hair with a brush!! You aint natural because you used a conditioner with cones in it!!! STFU!!! That gets on my nerves!!!

Lastly I HATE when guys talk during sex or may I say have long conversations. Look just shut the hell up! Don't ask me about my day! Don't ask me does it feel good? Cause if you really have to ask then Nigga no!!
I hate that...please stop...please with sugar on top!!!

I had to get that off my chest lol....Do you have any shit that you don't like!! LOL
Leave a comment below!!!


  1. I don't like when women can't make a fire red bean plate. Thats the shit I don't like.

  2. I don't like when a Women tells U how wilds she used to be, Now she don't suck dick on the first date. Don't tell me U used to, but Now it's my lose....Keep that shyt to yo self!

  3. I don't like when a man always have issues and he brings his peronal stuff into a relationship. I don't like it when a man can't see his faults and is always wondering why somebody cheatted on him.

  4. I don't like when a man expect you to suck his dick the first time you have sex. It's THE FIRST TIME man damn. Let us go a few sessions before asking me to put your dick in my mouth.

  5. I don't like when a man expect you to suck his dick the first time you have sex. It's THE FIRST TIME man damn. Let us go a few sessions before asking me to put your dick in my mouth.

  6. The shit I don't like is when a guy slobbers too much when you are kissing, there is like pools of it and it's nasty. I also hate when a guy is a one minute man, I can understand if it happens sometimes and you can't help it, but if it happens all the damn time, then your ass just greedy and don't wanna wait. How about caring that you are done and I am still wondering if you're even in yet motherfucker, get on my damn nerves. That's the shit I don't like.


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