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Tainted Image Of Mr.Perfect

I was lost when it came to knowing what I wanted vs what I needed when it came  to a man. As much as I sit and daydream about Mr. Perfect I wondered was I under the influence of society image of him. I know I have my preferences but what if my Mr. Perfect doesn't fall within my preferences. How can I decipher whether or not I'm going off of what society says is a perfect man. When I was your I had my own ideology when it came to men and relationships.

 For example.. I believed that the man should be taller, older and just bigger all the way around.. I mean that's just physical and circumstantial conditions that had to be met for me at that time..I think I was definitely affected by society when it came to that. So I changed that outlook because that was very silly to me. I'm only gonna date guys older and taller but the tallness really didn't matter lol.. I had a checklist and if he didn't hit a least 4 of the things on my list he was outed!! I was very simple minding then. Some of the things on that list where circumstantial which in my eyes was very petty!!

I know that some  women are attracted to men based on the man's circumstantial appeal and that's fucked up!! I don't want to be with a man based on that which means circumstances can change. He can be balling today and then broke on tomorrow! I'm not attracted to the shiny new shit! I rather be with a man for his character because that will never change!! I would love a guy who is sweet, caring, smart, ambitious, and unique in his own way.. Most Women fall in love with the circumstantial and then when his character is fucked up because he ain't shit without his material possessions they want to try to change them.. That's not how it goes! I hate when I hear women talk about what a man has or what his pockets are like.. I feel sadden by that type of mentality. I'm not saying go after men with nothing and who are lazy.. That's far from what I mean. I'm saying that don't go after a man with the wrong intentions.

 I must say men do the same thing and their image of Mrs. Perfect is confusing to me! You never know what they want and they say that men are easy to please..but yet they come with so many instructions lol..aka demands. Men are just as complicated as women. Some of them are flaw seekers and very shallow at times. They want this manufactured woman that doesn't exist! That's just my opinion and I will talk about that in another post!! But just to let you know when I say Mr. Perfect it's not indicating that he his perfect man and has everything I mean that he is a perfect man for me!

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  1. Hi Biffy
    I hear you sister. I agree we can't look at physical features and the material this. The mans character is key . Some men/women character is clouded by their money, clothes and home... And beneath that they are shallow, mean, ignorant etc. take that away and they aren't shit.


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