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I had been praying all day long because of I was really scared of the Y2K thing that was suppose to happened. I had told my grandmother that we needed water, food, and flashlights. She didn't believe the hype and she laughed at me. I really believed that this was going to happen, I was crying and everything.  I had went out and brought my own canned food and water when my grandmother saw what I had purchased she said laughingly " That water and food that you bought yeah... is not going to save you!" I was really upset with her because she didn't care if we died.

So it's 11:50 and I have the tv channel on MTV because I figured it's going to happen to them first because they are a hour a head. So they are on tv partying it up not caring about the Y2K. Then the countdown begins and I am on my knees praying. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! I looked up and nothing happened to them they are still happy and partying. So my grandmother was right the whole time..but since nothing happen I knew that this year would be a great year for me.

Keith was this guy that I had a HUGE crush on. I mean a really big one and the way I knew about him was because I was friends with his sister Keisha. I would go over to her house see her but he would never be there and I liked that because I couldn't be around him just yet. I really had it bad because I knew what time he would come home because I would stand in the screen door and watch him walk home. Literally everyday but he wouldn't see me because the screen was black. lol. When I saw him with his school uniform on and his backsack my heart just melted away.  He was tall and he had a husky build and very athletic..just my type. I always imagine him kissing and hugging me. Daydreaming was my friend. There was one song that reminded me of him..Silk there's a meeting in my bedroom. lol. Till this day everytime I hear that song I think of him.I had to tell someone about this crush because it was too big.  I finally told his sister that I had a crush on him and she said " awww you guys would make a cute couple"  I was shocked that she said that because most sisters are really protective of there brother but I made her promise that she wouldn't tell him because I couldn't survive having my heart beat that fast.

It was really cold this night but I still decided to go to B&S and get me some chips and candy. So as I was walking home I realized I had left my booksack by Keisha. So I was walking up the stairs but Keisha had a big black rottweiler and he would jump at the fence when anyone would go up the stairs. I was scared and I ran up the stairs on the porch. The door opened and I couldn't see who it was because I had on this big coat with a fur hoodie. I hear this voice say my name and I looked up and it was HIM. My heart was beating so fast that I didn't respond I just looked at him and then he said my name again. I responded this time I said " Is Keisha home? He said no she had went by her dad's house. I said " ok but ummm I left my purple backpack in the living room". He said " Ok let me go and get it for you." Now I'm still outside on the porch and it is freezing. He brought my backpack out and gave it to me. I thanked him and as I am about to go run back down the steps. He called me and I said nervously "yeah" then he grabbed me and KISSED ME!!!!!!! I was so shock that I forgot to kiss him back but that didn't last long He smelled like he had just came from the barber. He told me that he always had a crush on me and the he wanted me to be his girlfriend. I told him that I had felt the same way and that I always had a thing for him but I was scared to tell him. He said that his sister told him (That Wench) that I liked him and that he felt really good about it.

Keith and I dated for about year after that first kiss. He was the most attentive and caring boyfriend that I had ever had at the time. I was 15 when this all happened. We had broken up because he started to do illegal things and I didn't agree with it. Even though we weren't together we would still hang out together and things like that. In 2004 he and his friend was killed at the same time due to gun shots wounds. I know it would be because the illegal activity that he was doing. At that time I was in college and in another relationship but I was really hurt by the news. I cried because he was such a sweet person and he was my first dream that ever came true. So when it comes to that big crush...just go with it and take a chance and your dream might come true.


  1. That was a sweet story... The same thing happen to me... not my first crush but I do understand how the feelings can stay there for someone after being apart.

    love will come back around and hopefully the next crush is the husband that will be there when you both are 99 years old....


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