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Sex On The First Date? Good idea or Bad Idea

Sex on the first date is sometimes considered to be taboo or it is frown upon. Some people label it as being a hoe or slut if you sleep with someone on the first date if you are a woman but yet when men admit that they had slept with someone on the first date it typically high fived, pat on the back and jumping for joy. You know the typical double standard which is always unfair but I These are my thoughts of pros and cons of sleeping with someone on the first date. You can agree or disagree but these are my opinions not facts.

I think that having sex on the first date is acceptable because you probably have been talking to that person on the phone or texting them. So you already know if that person is someone that you will sleep with. From personal experiences I know when I meet a guy I know whether or not I would sleep with them. It is this attraction that I would feel when I meet a guy. That's just me but that doesn't determine whether or not I will sleep with them on the first date.What I don't like is when a guy only objective is to sleep with you. I can't stand that because it isn't something mutual. It's his goal to get in bed with you. For example..He wants your first date to be him giving you a massage!. That one kills me because it clearly an act to get you over to possibility have sex. I think that is pathetic and as one of my facebook friends would say thirsty... I just sometimes question if a guy really would take me serious if I had sex with them on the first date.

I had did a little survey  and I asked both men and women but only guys responded... I asked them would they go into a relationship with a woman if she slept with him on the first date..this is the responses I received from the guys..

Question? Would you consider going into a relationship with a girl/guy if she/he slept with you on the first date?

Mr. Bamm :Yea

Mr. Lelly : Wuz wrong wit giving up a shot of ass on the first date? It may take me longer to consider making her my lady but who says it can't happen...

Mr. Oscar : Yes

Mr. Mel : depends what kinda female she is i have to really be diggin

I Replied :  Ok..I was asking because most girls believe that sex on the first date means he won't take you serious..he maybe thinking who else has she had sex with that qickly..

Mr. Oscar : As long as everyone stays is an important part of a good relationship....I'd like to know if it's good or not... up front before I start liking them as a person... lol...sounds crazy...

I Replied : that is

Mr. Oscar : What's being in a relationship with someone who you like to be around...then when you finally get the draws shits no good...or they don't like the things you like...

I Replied :  you said it yourself that it was crazy..but let tell you isnt' going to be good on the first try any way because you don't know her body..or you going in based on the previous chick you been you should discuss this topic before actually getting in the panties..ask her what she likes..but just give up because the first time wasn't all that....:)  

Mr. Oscar : I know that...but you can have all the discussions you want no one is going to admit to being a dud in the sack you know? And true...sometimes it's the mental connection between the parties involved that makes the sex good...but not everyone has the correct's been my experience that even the mention of it on the first date gets you some funny looks...but hey... in a perfect world...people would be honest and upfront instead of wasting your time...

Mr. Eric : dat kinda love doesn't last.cos is abt sex only

I Replied: What's the correct equipment? You shouldn't have to bring it up if it is a mutual thing..but if you begging for it..that's a no no..come on you know when it will go should be able to pick up the ques that we send out..but I think you should judge a person based on their sexual performance because they can

I Replied : @Eric Q I think that depends on the persons involved..but it may or may not last even if you make them wait 30-90 days  

Mr. Oscar : If you have to teach...there is only a certain caliber of person that will be receptive to that...but can't coach talent...but Im sure you know what I mean by the right equipment

These were a couple of comments that I had received but to each is it's own..but what do you think about sex on the first date..let me know


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