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How Cute An EXTRA Belly Button...

How Cute? Ladies...Ladies...Ladies... Don't you hate it when a guy brags and boast about how he is so good in the bed......and  How he gonna put it down on you? Then he whips it out all proud like Mary......Ummm where's the rest of it. It's not the fact that it is small because it's not like you chose to have a small penis. It's the fact that you broadcast that you had that good when actually you had no idea! I am not saying that having a small penis is bad because being too big isn't good as well. For me at least  but I can't say the same for other women. I think that if you have a small have to bring other things to the table. I had a bad experience once where a guy had a small penis but it never went in! He couldn't reach it lol.. but I mean he saved himself by having a Plan O and that work out fine! But he bragged about how he was really had the Napoleon Complex! I think that it was the previous women that the

Lick Me or Lick Me Not

 WHO LIKES ORAL SEX? Then why is it such a taboo thing to say that you do it?  Why should you have to feel bad about giving or receiving oral sex? We are all grown aren't we..I think that its a shame that some men/women still claim that they don't do it. Some people feel embarrassed or the they feel shame about giving oral sex. I think that oral sex is just apart of four play. It's just an appetizer to the main meal. Is it a deal breaker if your lover doesn't go down? Or Is it an even more of a deal breaker if he doesn't do it right? It's a major part in getting the juices flowing when you are about get it in..I mean what women doesn't love to have that done ESPECIALLY if they do it right. I am definitely an aficionado of oral sex don't get me wrong but to feel that warm tongue ...OMG...let me stop! I just don't like when guys tell you that they don't do it! REALLY? They tell you some bullshit like.."I am saving that for my wife" t


WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER  Anyone who knows me knows that I love YOUTUBE...So today I came across this series called The Couple and there was an episode about a couple who just got engaged. The woman stated that since they were getting married now she wanted to be open and honest. So they decided to write down on a piece of paper their number of partners and exchange it. It was hilarious because her number was way higher than his. I was really cracking up at this episode. It got me thinking..Should you tell your significant other how people you slept with? My opinion is this..I really think that what's in the past..should stay in the past. To be honest I don't want to know how many girls you have slept with in the past. It's not relevant to me and it not important. All I really want to know that you are healthy and disease free. It all plays in that double standard when it comes to men and women. If a women has a double-digit or even a triple-digit number she is look as

Null and Void

A VOID ANCE OF YOU OWN ISSUES Have you ever been in a relationship so long that there was no emotional connection? Was it so bad that you checked out? Was it so bad that you actually started sleeping with a women just to fill a void? I wasn't aware of how many women there are that actually go through this ordeal. One of my friends ask me to write about it and tell how I feel about the situation.. It's kinda complicated for me to understand since I haven't had the need to or want to sleep with women just because I was not happy in a relationship with a man. Don't get me wrong.. I don't think it is a vice nor a taboo to be homosexual.  I have no issue or grievance about being  gay or being a lesbian. It's all love to me no matter want gender you are attracted to. However I know that feeling of that big void in your life is really heavy on your heart. It hurts like hell...I mean really really bad. I feel as if some women use this route as a way to escape

Sex On The First Date? Good idea or Bad Idea

Sex on the first date is sometimes considered to be taboo or it is frown upon. Some people label it as being a hoe or slut if you sleep with someone on the first date if you are a woman but yet when men admit that they had slept with someone on the first date it typically high fived, pat on the back and jumping for joy. You know the typical double standard which is always unfair but I These are my thoughts of pros and cons of sleeping with someone on the first date. You can agree or disagree but these are my opinions not facts. I think that having sex on the first date is acceptable because you probably have been talking to that person on the phone or texting them. So you already know if that person is someone that you will sleep with. From personal experiences I know when I meet a guy I know whether or not I would sleep with them. It is this attraction that I would feel when I meet a guy. That's just me but that doesn't determine whether or not I will sleep

Single Again..Back on the Prowl! Not Again!

Sometimes I find myself asking myself " How did I get here again?" Single once again and it is not a good feeling especially this time of year. It's boo season and I hate when I see a couple together holding hands or walking side by side. That boils my blood because I feel as if everyone has that special person that they can share this time of year with. Being single is fun and exciting but when I turn the key and there is nobody home to greet me and kiss me that hurts. Of all the relationships that I had in the past I never felt as if I was number one in their life. I am nothing being second to anything or anyone.  I am tired of settling for less when I deserve more. I always give guys the benefit of the doubt like " Oh it's ok he doesn't have a car?" or " It's ok it he has 6 six kids... Biffy love the kids". I just tired of that and that's really for the pigeons, peacocks, turkeys...all the birds in the world. I not saying that I ca

I Shouldn't Have Cheated..But I Did Part 2

I had been talking to Dallyn for about a month now on the phone and off the phone. I would tell him what's on my mind and he would understand. I even told him  little things  like I hadn't went swimming in a long time and how I like to try different types of food you know, silly things like that. I was getting attention from him and I liked that alot. He was very chivalrous he would open the car door and pull my seat out. To be honest I thinking what's wrong with this dude he isn't normal but I liked being treated like a lady. He would take my out to dinner and he even took me on the Creole Queen boat  for dinner which I had never been on before. I was just in awe because of the attention..but in the back of my mind I was wishing it was Mark. Even though I was still with in a relationship with Mark.he didn't even notice I was gone as much because he didn't call as much. Dallyn asked me "Do you really have a boyfriend?" and I said "Yes" and He